Bounce Houses

  • 10x10ft


    These smaller sized bounce houses are perfect for events where you have limited space. Our ten foot bounce houses can accomodate up to four people at a time. Starting at $80/day.

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  • 13x13ft


    This size can handle up to five people at one time. A little more space, more people can jump together. Starting at $95/day

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  • 15x15ft


    With a six person capacity, this size will definitely keep your party jumping. Starting at $110/day.

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  • 20x20ft


    This bounce house is just the thing for even large events. When up to eight kids can bounce, there's plenty of fun to go around. Starting at $135/day.

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Obstacle Courses, Water Slides, Combos, and More

  • 40ft Obstacle Course

    40' Obstacle Courses

    The additional length of this obstacle course allows for more challenges. More challenges means more fun per turn. Starting at $175/day.

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  • lil kahuna

    Water Slides

    Why go to the water park when you can bring the water park home? No hot concrete, no rediculous lines, and no outrageous ticket prices. Starting at $155/day.

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  • princess combo


    Why choose between a bounce house and a slide when you can enjoy both at once? Sounds pretty awesome, huh? Starting at $155/day.

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  • Dunk Tank

    Dunk Tanks

    Test your aim and your arm to give someone a good soaking. Starting at $150/day.

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Event and Party Equipment

  • Folding Table

    Folding Tables and Chairs

    What's a party without food and snacks? That means you'll need tables and chairs. We have both available, starting at $8/day for tables and $1/day for chairs.

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  • Folding Chairs


    Whether you need to put lots of drinks on ice or need that ice to last, we have to coolers to help with that. We have 150 can coolers for volume, and a selection of Yeti coolers for all day chilling. Starting at $8/day.

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  • PA Systems

    Sound Systems

    We also have PA sound systems avilable for your use. Perfect for announcements, speeches, or music. Starting at $80/day.

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  • Canopy

    Canopies and More

    Canopies, outdoor extension cords, and whatever else you may need to make your event a success.

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